Benton High School
Tia Owens
Posted on December 9, 2003

History of Benton High School

The first Benton School was erected in 1890 and was located on Mr. W.G. Stinson's land, west of the Cotton Belt Railroad

tracks, it was paid for by private subscription donated by the good people of Benton. it was a two-story structure, with the

school occupying the bottom floor and the second story being reserved for the Masonic Lodge. It had one teacher,

Professor S.D. Spann, and a
handful of students. The school had progressed only a short while when dissension arose

and two factions were formed. Some of the most influential members of the opposing fraction built another schoolhouse

and some students went there. The dissension was soon resolved however and, the students returned to the original


By 1905, the school had Increased to three teachers and had its first graduating class. The primary teacher taught grades

1-3, the secondary teacher taught grades 4 and 5, and the principal taught sixth grade and up. There were no more than

25 students in grades 6-12 with some grades missing.

The people realized the need for a new building and in 1907 a new frame building was erected for $4,500.00. It was the

first school in Bossier Parish built using tax money. It lasted until bonds were sold in 1922 and a new, modern two-story

school was completed and occupied by 1924. This school was located in what is now called "School Board Square" and

housed eight teachers and 140 pupils. Total cost was $75,000.00. Enrollment increased dramatically and in three years

another two-room frame building was added.

In 1939 a combination gym/auditorium was added and further improvements occurred when a new cafeteria and another

building adjacent to the school was built in 1956, This became the junior high building and the old cafeteria was

converted to a band room.

In obedience to the Supreme Court, the last radically separate class graduated in May of 1969. The all-black school, C.H.

Irion High School, became Benton Elementary and for the first time, black and white students attended classes together-

On September 27, 1976, an act of arson burned down the Junior high wing. The seventh grade was sent to Benton

Elementary and the eighth grade remained with the high school until the fall of 1978 when the eighth graders were sent to

the elementary school as well.

A 23-acre tract of land originally planned for a horseracing track was obtained by the school board and the present high

school became occupied with grades 9-12 during the 78-T9 school year. An additional wing and a gym were added in

the mid 1980's and the '85-86 school year brought the seventh and eighth grades from the elementary school to once

again be united with the high school students.

A new middle school was opened in August, 1999, which presently houses grades 5-8. Benton High School serves

grades 9-12 only, although a new mega-sized gym, state of the arts track, and a football stadium second to none is

shared with the middle school.




Due to the hard work of a careful administration, Benton is one of the few schools with on
ly 13% of its classes having an

enrollment of 28 or more.

Grant Funding

Project TIMES (Technology in Mathematics Ensures Success)

2 8(g) Competitive Grants totaling $188,592.00

The benefits have been shown in the rise in test scores and the successful implementation of a

Mathematics curriculum for the 8.5 students

Teachers and students ere enthused about the opportunity to use the program.

A third 8(g) Grant has been submitted to add to the program

Additions: ending has been received through Bossier NET Pals and QSM grants totaling


Alt of these funds have been acquired to enhance various courses and raise the
level of student

achievement on standardized tests.

Standardized Test Preparation

Using the concepts provided by Dr. Harvey Silver in the Summer 2000 workshop, we have

implemented a strong test preparation program. This includes a 'Word Wall" in every

classroom, a "Learning Log" Kept by each student In each course, and "Rigorous Mondays".

These techniques ensure that all teachers are teachers of VOCABULARY, a necessary

component for success on GEE 21

Graduation Exit Examination (GEE): Those students who took this examination in the spring of 2001,79% passed the

math portion and 99% passed the writing portion of this test

Iowa Test of Educational Development: Those students who took the Iowa In the spring of 2001, the reading scored

in the 55th percentile, language expression ranked In the 58th percentile, math scored in the 59th percentile, social studies

ranked in the 55th percentile. Information scored in the 50th percentile while science topped out in the 69th percentile.

Benton High School attained a baseline school score of 101.7. This placed us in the top 10% of all high

schools in the state of Louisiana. This score was based on a formula using LEAP and IOWA test

scores and, to a lesser degree, attendance and dropout rate.


-ROTC- As of April 20,2001 a total of $465,000.00 in scholarships have been awarded

-Future Teachers Assodaton (FTA) - 3 first place and 4 second place winners and Miss FTA

awarded at the District tV level.

-Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) - 2 superior and 1 excellent rating

-Literary Rally -11 students competed at the state Literary Rally

-Art Club - 1st Place in the Christmas at Roseland card design contest, 1st Place in Willis

Knighton poster contest

- Science Club - 2 Regional Science Fair winners (1 First Place and 1 -Second Place

-Band- 6 Honor Band Members (3rd Highest in the district)

-Danceline - Won First Place in all competitions entered

-Student Council - Blood Drive Collected over 50 units of blood, collected school supplies for

the Lighthouse Foundation


- Football- 9-3 Record, second round of playoffs, two Composite Academic Aff State


- Wrestling- 10 wins (Highest for BHS, 6 state wrestlers, first Regional Championship

- Cross Country- Received 1st place in 4 invitationals

- Track

Girls- District 1-3A Champions, Bossier Parish Champions

Boys- District 1-3A Runner-ups

Composite Record Holders in Discus and Javelin

- Golf ~ 1-3A District Champions 5 years in a row

- Baseball 20-9 Record, 1-3A Runner-up, 2001 Playoffs

- Softball- 7-2 District Record. 1-3A District Runner-up 2001 Playoffs

- Basketball

Giris-20-15 Record, District Runner-up, 12 Academic All District (Most of all

1-3A Schools)

Boys-14-18 Record, 1-3A Third Place, 7 Academic All District (Most of all

1-3A Schools)

Principal: Scott Smith

Asst. Principals: Dennis Montgomery, Jason Rowland

Freshmen/Sophomore: Neva Hubbard

Junior/Senior: Gary Feaster

Registrar: Sherry Bennett

Attendance: Ellan Cathcart

Bookkeeping: Mona Washer

Alma Mater:

Benton High, We'll always love you; hold your banner high

We will cherish every memory of your dear old name

Higher yet we hold your banner, wave it far and wide

Now we pledge anew to Benton, dear old Benton High!

Mascot: Tiger

School Colors: Purple and Gold