This Website was created solely so that the 1966 and adjoining years
Classmates, Graduates, and friends, can share information about our school.

Martin Andrews

Pam Hollier

Lorine Bearden

Richard Holman

Pat Berry

Glenda Jones

Carolyn Burson

Betty McCain

Carol Coker

Tommy Morton

Larry Coker

Martha Rona Peace

Murph Colvin

Jeanne Rains

Alvin Cox

Carol Rider

Edith Daulton

Bobbie Rose Scarborough

Rosemary Edwards

Jerry Shockley

Judy Gould

Barry Stevens

Dorothy Graham

Charlotte Sullivan

Ann Hicks

Martha Tyler

Sharon Himes

Linda White

Buster Hamley

 Feel free to email me any school or classmate information that you may wish me to include on these pages.